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Uncover More About Your Melanoma

Your BRAF  mutation status is important. Every melanoma is unique.

Novartis is here to help you understand more about your melanoma.

What Is Melanoma?

 What is melanoma?

Know about melanoma

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that begins within cells called melanocytes. These cells give our skin its color. When melanoma spreads from one part of the body to another, it’s called metastatic melanoma.

What Is the BRAF Mutation?

What is the BRAF mutation?

Know about BRAF

Testing positive for a BRAF  mutation means you have a specific mutation (change) in the BRAF  gene that may be found in melanoma. This mutation means you may have an aggressive form of melanoma that may be associated with worse outcomes. Knowing your BRAF  mutation status can help your health care provider choose the best melanoma treatment option for you.

Did you know? 1 of 2 patients with melanoma are BRAF+

Why Test for BRAF ?

 Why test for BRAF?

Know why you should test for BRAF

Understanding your BRAF mutation status can be a helpful tool as your health care provider recommends a treatment plan. When your health care provider knows if you are BRAF+, he or she will have a better understanding of all of the available treatment options. This is especially true if your melanoma is more advanced and has spread to other parts of your body.

The Know Now BRAF  Testing Program

BRAF testing program

Know about BRAF  mutation testing

Requesting a test for BRAF  mutation is easy—just ask your health care provider.

Novartis offers the Know Now BRAF  Testing Program at no cost to you—whether or not you are BRAF+. After taking a tissue sample, your health care provider will complete and send the BRAF  Test Request Form to Quest Diagnostics. Ask your health care provider to request a test—he or she can download the BRAF  Test Request Form or get answers to any questions by visiting or calling 1-866-226-8046.

BRAF testing is no cost to you



Ask your health care provider for BRAF  mutation testing and take charge of your melanoma treatment.


Patient Resources

Know Now Patient Flashcard

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Knowing your BRAF  mutation status can help your health care provider consider your treatment options. Learn more about BRAF  testing now.

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Know Now Doctor Discussion Guide

BRAF  Testing Discussion Guide

Download this discussion guide to bring to your next health care provider's appointment. The guide has useful information about the BRAF  mutation and directions for your health care provider on how to order BRAF  testing.

Download BRAF  Testing Discussion Guide

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